• Invested over 2 years and $1M in search of efficient and high performing DLE technology.
  • Test work indicates the Licensed Technology can reduce operating costs by increasing lithium recovery and selectivity, reducing reagent costs, and improving lithium concentrate.
  • Exclusive access to one of the largest DLE Pilot Plants in North America – up to 10,000 litres/day.
  • Exclusive to LithiumBank in Alberta and Saskatchewan as a primary lithium producer.
  • G2L Greenview is a 50/50 joint venture with Computational Geosciences Inc. (CGI), a subsidiary of the Robert Friedland-charired Ivanhoe Electric Inc. (NYSE:IE) and Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ).

Testing Timeline Objectives

  • Q2-Q3 2023: 5 Months of test work with G2L demonstrated the technology is well suited for Boardwalk brine.
  • November 2023: Pilot Plant expected to be shipped to LithiumBank by November.
  • December 2023: Installation & Commissioning.
  • Q1 2023: Pilot Plant Testing.

DLE Test Work Highlights

  • Lithium Eluate concentration: >3,000 mg/L Li.
  • Lithium 98% recovery.
  • 90% reduction of Sodium, Chlorine, Calcium.
  • 40X: Volume reduction of brine post DLE processing. Lithium concentration from feedstock.
  • Reagent used in updated DLE processing are ~1/3 of the cost of those used in the original Boardwalk PEA DLE process. That cost was 54% of the total operating cost.
  • Results anticipated to be included in an updated Boardwalk PEA expected in late 2023.
  • Pilot Plant testing with G2L continuous DLE (cDLE®) technology, at a rate of up to 10,000L per day to commence Q1 2024.

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Accomplishments to Date

  • 5 Months of test work with G2L Greenview prove the technology to be well suited for Boardwalk brine.A significantly positive impact on the economics of our Alberta projects can be expected.
  • The test work results indicate favourable lithium recovery and selectivity, successful use of lower cost reagents, and a high purity lithium concentrate.
  • Updated PEA will include latest results from G2L Greenview test work.
  • Pilot Testing will include brine from Boardwalk, Park Place, and Saskatchewan to support Feasibility level studies going forward.
  • cDLETM processing system is also designed to reduce freshwater loss and reduce power consumption and GHG’s.